Building a better and strong community has always been important to Erin. Whether organizing fundraisers and conferences or being a community organizer, Erin has involved herself in a wide array of events and causes, holding positions that allow for maximum impact each time.

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Order's up ottawa

As part of the Order's Up Collective, Erin helped organize a community engagement session for Ottawa's culinary industry to discuss sexual harassment and potential solutions. With the data from the event, the Collective developed an anonymous reporting tool and series of public service announcements, one of which features Erin. Erin is a spokesperson for the initiative, which has been covered by local and national media. For more information, please visit:

Order’s Up on harassment in the Servicing Industry; Unifor, June 2018

Sexual Misconduct in the Ontario Wine Industry: The Norman Hardie Allegations; Just Wine, June 2018

Order's Up on ending restaurant sexual harassment in Ottawa; Ottawa Citizen, June 2018

Canadian restaurant industry serving up sexual-harassment training; The Globe and Mail, June 2018

Now What Ottawa?!

Now What?! is a group of feminist activists trying to make the issue of gender-based violence a key ballot box issue in the 2018 elections in Ontario and Ottawa. Erin leads the development of the Now What?! branding, serves as a spokesperson, and helps organize events and candidate debates. In addition, Erin has served as a panelist for events on the subject of getting gender-based violence on the ballot, speaking to the disproportionate effects of natural disasters on women and girls. For more information, please visit:

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Behavioural economics for the public sector

Erin co-organized Canada's first conference on behavioural insights for government, which saw over 400 attendees. In addition to designing the format of the event and managing the communications, Erin also played an important role in the content curation which included speakers from the White House, lead academics, and international public sector experts. She also spoke on a panel, Behavioural Economics 101.

Public servants flock to PCO’s first-ever behavioural economics briefing; The Hill Times, March 2016

sexual harassment in the workplace

In response to the 2014 Public Service Employee Survey, Erin co-organized a national webinar on sexual harassment in the workplace for Canada's federal government employees. She curated the panelists for the webinar and managed the logistics.

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new ottawa / martin canning campaign

This campaign was Erin's first foray into political engagement. She served as the Digital Media Director. Erin was responsible for collecting information from different teams across the campaign to develop a cohesive digital footprint for the campaign on multiple platforms, including: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She collected data received from these channels to measure engagement and provide input into the policy platform. Erin was also responsible for writing and sending fundraising emails and campaign updates.


Erin was the licensee and Project Manager for TEDxElginSt in 2014. She managed a team of 10 and developed the theme of the event (Rethink, Rebuild) while curating a lineup of speakers that aligned with this theme. She also served as the spokesperson and provided guidance on outreach to media. This TEDx event was Ottawa's most popular TEDx event to date, seeing over 100 attendees during the daylong event.

IABC Ottawa's The Voice Podcast

#TEDxElginSt: Is Ottawa having an identity crisis, or are we simply in need of a little self-discovery?; Spacing Ottawa, April 2014


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In 2012, Erin served as the Content Manager for TEDxSFU. She led a small team that curated the speakers for the event.

Fashion's night out! (in schools)

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Erin co-organized Fashion's Night OUT (in Schools) in 2011, a fundraiser for Out in Schools, an award-winning education program in British Columbia that targets homophobia. She managed the logistics for the event, including location and sponsors. The event raised $5000, with 100% of the proceeds going to Out in Schools.