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It all started when…

Three friends, feeling frustrated by the seemingly sudden uptick in racism and sexism following the election of Donald Trump, started a Facebook chat to discuss the social and political implications of what was happening while tying these events to history and pop culture.

One day in March 2017, someone said, "We should make this into a podcast." Three days later the first episode of Bad+Bitchy was recorded.

The Bad+Bitchy Podcast examines current events, politics, and pop culture through an intersectional feminist lens. Hosted by three women of colour, the Bitches have a no bullshit approach for their discussions with no subject bring too taboo. This ability and willingness to speak truth to power has lead to the building of a global audience.

The Bitches have hosted conversations with guests such as: sports newscaster at Chicago's 670 The Score, Julie DiCaro; author and BuzzFeed culture writer Scaachi Koul; body acceptance activist Dr. Melissa Fabello; and Canadian federal Member of Parliament Michelle Rempel.

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